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The Addis kids

The Sayenga kids

The Selvig kids

1935: Billy, Walt and Eddie

1936: Walt and his grandfather   Billy and Eddie (the Addis house is in the background)

1-year old Billy with his Mom      Walt and Billy       Walt and Eddie       Walt in 1937 (age 11)      

Walter Selvig USN 1944

Walt Selvig USN 1944

Two Selvig boys and two Addis girls

Billy, Nancy, Julianne and Eddie

Two LeVine boys and one Selvig boy

Don and Tom LeVine and Eddie Selvig

A Sayenga kid and an Addis kid

Donnie and Jimmie performing in front of 506 Berwin

Photo taken in 1938 the afternoon of the Boulevard Halloween Parade
shows Bobby LeVine, June Frazier and Popeye. Inside the Popeye suit
is Donnie Sayenga.

Bobby LeVine, June Frazier and Popeye (Donnie)

Photo taken June 4, 1938 shows Tommy LeVine, Jackie Gombert,
Donnie Sayenga (his 4th birthday) and Carol Sayenga Lynn.

Tommy LeVine, Jackie Gombert, Donnie and Carol Sayenga.

In February 1940 we had a record snowfall in Brookline. Carol and
Donnie Sayenga built their very first snowman in the sideyard at 506 Berwin.

The girls who guided us were our neighbor BeBe Godino and our babysitter
Ida Mae Hoover. Ida Mae (our cousin) lived on Vodeli Street across
from the junction of West Liberty Avenue and Brookline Boulevard.
She taught me to sing "Three Little Fishies" in 1939.     --Don S

Top: Bebe and Ida Mae

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